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What is YFC is for Everyone?

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More than 23,000 young people enjoy being part of their YFC every week and NFYFC is dedicated to ensuring that they are fun and safe spaces for everyone.

YFC is for Everyone aims to foster a positive culture within YFC by promoting wellbeing, respect, and inclusion. We strive to ensure all YFC members, colleagues, supporters, and stakeholders feel welcomed and supported.

YFC is for Everyone consolidates NFYFC’s ongoing and existing work on inclusion, diversity, wellbeing, mental health, safeguarding, alcohol awareness, behaviour and conduct.

Actions NFYFC is taking

  1. A YFC is for Everyone Action Group - A group, which includes informed YFC members, to support the delivery of NFYFC’s resources to clubs and counties. It also includes rural community organisations to help provide further guidance and support for clubs and counties.
  2. Training and development - All club officers will continue to receive mandatory safeguarding training at the start of their roles. Additionally, workshops on respect and inclusion are being developed for club meetings, along with a series of county roadshows to discuss these important topics.
  3. Communication - There will be continued communications around YFC is for Everyone and NFYFC’s Code of Conduct. There will also be further support for event organisers to offer effective welfare support at local events and activities.

If you would like more information about YFC is for Everyone please contact