Information for parents and safeguarding advice

Code of Conduct

YFC Code of Conduct

This code of conduct sets out the behaviour expected by members, elected club officers, staff, volunteers and parents involved with Young Farmers’ Clubs and should be considered in conjunction with other policies and guidance as prepared by the NFYFC or the County Federation.

As a stakeholder of YFC, you should have fun safely and considerately by:

  • Acting within the law at all times
  • Being non-judgemental and treating people equally and fairly regardless of age, disability, gender (sex), gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, socio-economic status or political belief
  • Looking after one another and creating a positive environment that does not use or permit any form of peer pressure, discrimination or bullying.
  • Being respectful of: a) Each other and the opinions of others, b) Property and other peoples’ possessions
  • Avoiding offending others by refraining from language, behaviour or apparel with slogans that may reasonably be considered as offensive, insulting, discriminatory or abusive or otherwise inappropriate.
  • Conducting themselves in a way that does not bring the reputation of YFC into question or disrepute.
  • Complying with all Club, County and National Federation policies.
  • Reporting any concerns about safeguarding, poor practice and/or conduct to an appropriate person.

YFC Parents/Guardians/Supporters

Parent/carer or other supporter of a YFC member should, in addition to the above:

  • Comply with any reasonable requests to ensure the safety of your child
  • Provide up-to-date parental consents as required
  • Ensure appropriate arrangements are in place for the safe drop-off and collection of your child at YFC meetings, activities and events

Positions of Trust or Responsibility*

All staff and YFC members elected into office are in a position of trust/responsibility within the organisation, requiring that you behave in a way that would not put members or colleagues in danger of harm (including emotional harm) or jeopardise the reputation of YFC. In YFC this applies to Club Officers, Leaders, Advisors, Trainers, and all other volunteers, including Presidents/Vices, Committee/Board members, etc.

In addition to the above, those in positions of trust or responsibility should:

  • Actively support the objects and mission of YFC.
  • Participate in training to carry out their responsibilities effectively.
  • Carry out the duties and responsibilities of their elected role in good faith and with integrity, seeking help and assistance when required.
  • Be prepared to be held accountable for their decisions.
  • Be transparent and open about YFC business, maintaining confidentiality when required.
  • Declare any conflicts of interest.
  • Uphold the democratic principles of YFC.
  • Not knowingly misrepresent the views of YFC.
  • Be familiar and compliant with Charity Commission legislation, NFYFC policies and procedures, and any other relevant club and county policies.
  • Support and work collaboratively with fellow club and county officers, county staff and NFYFC staff and officers.

This Code incorporates the Nolan principles** of standards in public life. It aims to ensure that all observe the highest standards of propriety and act in the best interests of the YFC community and the NFYFC at all times.


Fun, Learning & Achievement

  • Fun: YFC encourages participation in a way that everyone has fun
  • Excellence: YFC encourages individuals and clubs to achieve their maximum potential through participation in YFC activities and competitions, to learn new skills, and to build confidence and competence that can be transferred into all areas of life
  • Equality and inclusion: YFC values equality and diversity without prejudice or discrimination, and embraces each other’s similarities and differences so that everyone is included
  • Respect: Everyone is treated with respect
  • Fairness: Everyone is treated fairly and equitably
  • To inspire and excite: positive participation in YFC aims to inspire future leaders in our movement
  • Role models: YFC strives to create a positive culture and safe environment by everyone role modelling best practice at all times, including online