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Train the Trainer

Train the Trainer

Want to take your skills to the next level and make a real impact in YFC? Enrol on NFYFC's Train the Trainer course and learn how to inspire, motivate, and guide young people to achieve more.

Our course equips you with the knowledge to plan, deliver, and evaluate training, with a focus on Club Officer Training and NFYFC’s Curve modules. Plus, you'll earn an internationally recognised qualification from The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) – the Introductory Certificate to Training Delivery – a valuable addition to your CV!

Who can attend?

We recommend attendees have previous Club Officer experience. The course has been developed for current members and associate members who are interested in developing and delivering YFC training.

Staff members may also attend this course with the prior agreement of their County.

What will the course involve?

The course will be conducted at a level 2 standard (GCSE Level) and will include a full weekend of training. All course applicants must be comfortable working at this level and able to attend the full weekend.

Applicants must complete a pre-course questionnaire, which requires evaluation of your experiences of training and learning, and your thoughts on current Club and County Level training.

It is a requirement of the course that this assignment is fully completed before the start of the course.

The course will follow ITOL and NFYFC course requirements and has the following learning objectives:

  • Identify the immediate learning needs of individuals
  • Write learning aims and objectives in line with best practice
  • Analyse tasks and design training activities to facilitate the learning of those tasks
  • Instruct on a one to one or small group basis using appropriate demonstration and constructive feedback skills
  • Facilitate a group training session which uses activities such as role play, simulation or group discussion
  • Assess and evaluate immediate learning
  • Consider YFC training needs
  • Understand how to deliver The Curve

Become a YFC Trainer

Improve your career prospects and build your County Federation’s expertise by joining NFYFC's 130 qualified trainers. Based across England and Wales, YFC Trainers all want to make a difference in YFC and are focused on providing high-quality training sessions for members.

To become a YFC trainer you need to either:

  • Attend our internationally recognised Train the Trainer course which is accredited by the Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL)
  • Hold a professionally recognised qualification in teaching and training

It’s a fantastic opportunity to network with like-minded people and improve skills. It will develop your knowledge, increase your confidence and you’ll have great fun too. For all your training needs contact

About ITOL


The Institute of Training and Occupational Learning (ITOL) is the professional body for people specialising in training, development and occupational learning.

Its accreditation of NFYFC’s Train the Trainer and Advanced Train the Trainer courses ensures that training offered will not only be beneficial within YFC, but is also highly regarded by employers, colleges and universities.