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Safeguarding in Young Farmers’ Clubs

Safeguarding in Young Farmers’ Clubs

Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFCs) provide the opportunity for young people to develop and learn in a fun, safe environment by participating in a diverse and educational club programme, that has been compiled by members. YFCs are open to all young people between the ages of 10 and 28.

NFYFC’s Safeguarding policy can be viewed here.

More information on reporting safeguarding concerns can be found here.

Club officers and the supervision of under-18s

Meetings are organised and run by members, with the help of club leaders. The club officers include the chair, vice chair, secretary, treasurer and leader who are elected annually and have overall responsibility for the club and the activities in which members take part.

At least two of the club officers will be at every club meeting or event and will have responsibility for the under-18s present that day or evening. These officers are DBS checked and have had to provide suitability and character references.

Safeguarding Officers

Most clubs have at least one officer responsible for safeguarding who is overseen and supported by the county designated safeguarding officer, who in turn is supported by the national Head of Safeguarding & Behaviour Management.

Parental and photographic consent forms/permission slips

On joining, YFC members under the age of 18 will be required to complete a membership form and parents must complete an annual consent form. It is vital that the club holds a valid, up-to-date general consent form for each child.

These consent forms are updated on a regular basis and permission slips are used as an updating mechanism for specific trip/event arrangements outside of the regular weekly meetings to ensure that the details on them remain correct and parents remain fully informed and consent to these additional activities.

Communication with members

YFC will communicate with members in a variety of ways to make sure they are aware of the club’s programme. Communication with children and young people must involve the parents. Communication arrangements are made locally between the club officers and the parents.


It is the parents’/guardians’ responsibility to arrange transport for their child to get to and from the meetings/activities. Where YFC arranges transport, for example for trips, they will arrange this with parents in line with the YFC Transporting Young People guidelines.


Fun, Learning & Achievement

  • Fun: YFC encourages participation in a way that everyone has fun
  • Excellence: YFC encourages individuals and clubs to achieve their maximum potential through participation in YFC activities and competitions, to learn new skills, and to build confidence and competence that can be transferred into all areas of life
  • Equality and inclusion: YFC values equality and diversity without prejudice or discrimination, and embraces each other’s similarities and differences so that everyone is included
  • Respect: Everyone is treated with respect
  • Fairness: Everyone is treated fairly and equitably
  • To inspire and excite: positive participation in YFC aims to inspire future leaders in our movement
  • Role models: YFC strives to create a positive culture and safe environment by everyone role modelling best practice at all times, including online

Behaviour and discipline

All members are required to sign up to the YFC Code of Conduct (below) upon joining and are expected to behave appropriately. Inappropriate behaviour that may have an impact on other members isn’t tolerated. Minor incidents will generally be dealt with by the chair at their discretion, which could simply be a talk with the member and a verbal warning. All warnings are recorded to ensure past conduct is considered where there is a repeat or an escalation of poor conduct. Parents will be contacted if more serious incidents occur. Information can be found in the Standards of Behaviour Policy available from the County Federation’s office.

Code of Conduct


As a stakeholder of YFC, you should have fun safely and considerately by:

  • Acting within the law at all times
  • Being non-judgemental and treating people equally and fairly regardless of age, disability, gender (sex), gender reassignment, marriage and civil partnership status, pregnancy or maternity, sexual orientation, race, religion or belief, socio-economic status or political belief
  • Looking after one another and creating a positive environment that does not use or permit any form of peer pressure, discrimination or bullying
  • Being respectful of: - Each other and the opinions of others - Property and other peoples’ possessions
  • Avoiding offending others by refraining from language, behaviour or apparel with slogans that may reasonably be considered to be offensive, insulting, discriminatory or abusive or otherwise inappropriate
  • Conducting themselves in a way that does not bring the reputation of YFC into question or disrepute
  • Complying with all Club, County and National Federation policies
  • Reporting any concerns about safeguarding, poor practice and/or conduct to an appropriate person

Reporting a concern

Reporting a Concern Flowchart

Concerns about a volunteer or staff member

Any safeguarding concerns or allegations about a YFC volunteer or staff member must be referred to the county safeguarding officer or NFYFC safeguarding team.