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EIEIO Challenge

The YFC EIEIO Challenge

Whether you’re a farmer, market or community gardener, vertical farmer or farm shop, this is your chance to join in with sharing the story of what you produce! It's a great way to promote British food and celebrate its producers.

Building on NFYFC's successful *EIEIO Challenge in 2023, NFYFC wants to share more EIEIO stories on its social media channels every week from January 2024.

How to take part

To get involved, you just need to answer the three questions below – either email your answers with your photo or record yourself in a short video. Please only include information you're happy to be shared on social media. 

  1.  Who are you and where are you from? 
  2. How are you involved in producing British food? 
  3. How proud are you to be a food producer? 

Email with your answers and a photo or video.

Who can take part

  • You must be a food producer – either growing/producing or preparing for retail sales (ie catering business/farm shop)
  • You must be 18 or over.
  • Pictures or video should be portrait and please try to photograph in your place of work (farm, market etc).  
  • Videos should be filmed in portrait mode. Filming outside will usually mean you have better lighting. If inside, avoid standing in front of a window or light. Remember to think about other sounds around you – if it's windy, take shelter and avoid recording while machinery is running close to you.
  • Let us know your social media handles if you’d like to be tagged to help promote your work.
  • This information will be shared in publicity material including social media, so please advise if there is information ie name/business that you do not want including.

What was the *EIEIO Challenge?

YFC AGRI launched the EIEIO Challenge in 2023 to encourage people to share their food and farming stories. YFCs were challenged to produce a video as follows:  

Engage – create videos or send photos that help explain what you do

Inform – tell people about what you produce

Educate – explain where our food comes from

Inspire – promote the range of careers in the industry

Opportunity – share the opportunities to get involved!

Kaleb Cooper announced the winning NFYFC EIEIO Challenge video entry during National Young Farmers’ Week in October. In 2024, NFYFC is extending EIEIO to all food producers to help highlight great British produce to a wider audience. 


The EIEIO Challenge is supported by Defra.