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The Curve - Rural Crime Prevention

Rural Crime Prevention

The ‘Helping Farmers to Prevent Crime’ workshop is an easy-to-use resource that raises awareness about practical ways in which Young Farmers can help local farmers to identify vulnerabilities and to take action to prevent themselves from becoming victims of crime.

It signposts Young Farmers Clubs to the resources and support that’s available and makes links to the added benefits of visiting farms within their Club area.

Clubs may want to invite local police neighbourhood officers to attend the session and/or the local NFU Mutual representative. Suitable for ages 10 to 28.

What the workshop focuses on

  • YFC members to understand what make a farm attractive to a criminal, and the main types of crime the affects farms
  • Understand the consequences of being a victim of crime for the farmer and for the local community
  • Be aware of the local and regional resources that YFC members can tap into to help local farmers in preventing crime
  • Understand the process and legislation that supports practical suggestions for preventing crime to a farm
  • Be aware of the added benefits of visiting a local farm to make simple suggestions that can help the farmer prevent crime

How to Book a Workshop 

Either contact your county office or fill in the workshop booking form below.