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The Curve - Ready and Resilient

Ready and Resilient

Supported by Defra and devised in association with Savills and Siân Bushell, young farmers can explore the topic and understand the crucial part that succession plays in all aspects of work and YFC life.

Discuss how to start tackling the topic of succession and encourage our YFC members to become ready and resilient. Now more than ever, young rural people need to have smart skills for their future personal, YFC and career development.

Planning and communicating equates to being ready and resilient for the future. Succession – whether in a family business, a YFC club, or a corporate organisation – is an essential part of planning for a sustainable future.

Communication is the starting point of all planning. It will make you consider your communication skills, planning skills and will highlight when you need to ask for professional help.

What the workshop focuses on

  • Understand the concept of succession planning
  • Be aware of the part communication plays
  • Understand the process and skills needed to begin the conversation for succession planning
  • Demonstrate ways to highlight the positive effects of succession planning within a variety of situations
  • Understand the consequences of inadequate succession planning

How to Book a Workshop 

Either contact your county office or fill in the workshop booking form below.