Information for parents and safeguarding advice
NFYFC Statement

NFYFC Statement

NFYFC is deeply saddened about any abuse that has been experienced in YFC. Any form of abuse is abhorrent and will not be tolerated by NFYFC.

More than 23,000 young people enjoy taking part in YFC activities every week and the safety and safeguarding of our members is paramount. NFYFC has robust safeguarding policies, training and procedures in place, which are reviewed regularly by third party organisations.

NFYFC is working closely with its clubs and counties to ensure everyone involved in YFC is following our Code of Conduct. Those who fall short of the required standard will be held to account in line with our policies and disciplinary processes.

Tackling these issues requires a joined-up approach and we welcome support and involvement from partner organisations and industry to help guide the next generation.

NFYFC encourages anyone who has been affected by an incident at a YFC event to report it to their club or county Designated Safeguarding Officer or to the NFYFC Safeguarding team at so appropriate action can be taken and support offered. Reporting incidents helps mitigate against any risk to others.

We understand some individuals may feel unable to report an incident to NFYFC for a variety of reasons. While all cases are handled sensitively and confidentially, we understand if an individual would prefer to speak to other organisations for support first or instead.

Please refer to the organisations listed in our Signposting to Support document. If you don’t wish to self-refer or need assistance to reach out to any of the listed organisations – or any other not listed – NFYFC is happy to help.

For more information on NFYFC’s Safeguarding policy and information for parents, please visit

Information about events in Blackpool

The National Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs (NFYFC) is disappointed to learn that recently reported behaviour at an event in Blackpool is damaging the reputation of young people involved in farming.

Up until 2018, NFYFC hosted an Annual Convention which offered members of the Young Farmers’ Clubs (YFC) an opportunity to come together for a weekend of competitions, agricultural discussion and entertainment. Following a review of the 2018 Annual Convention, NFYFC made the decision to cease hosting this event. NFYFC confirm that the Annual Convention was separate to the NFYFC Annual General Meeting which still takes place every year.

NFYFC understands that the Young Farmers Community was set up in 2018 following the cessation of the Annual Convention and they organise and host an event in Blackpool that they call the D.I.Y. AGM, which has taken place annually since 2019. This is not a Young Farmers' Club event and we understand it is open to any member of the public to attend.

NFYFC confirms that the Young Farmers Community has no affiliation to the NFYFC at national, county or club level, nor do the NFYFC endorse any of the events organised by the Young Farmers Community.