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New report highlights ways to reach net zero by 2050

New report highlights ways to reach net zero by 2050

A new report, which includes input from NFYFC, shares how we will reach net zero by 2050 based on four different scenarios of how the world could look by then.

The What Could the UK Agri-food System Look Like in 2050? report has been produced by AFN Network+ and begins to identify what research might be needed to help us reach net zero based on possible changes in geopolitics, economics and patterns of demand.

The report follows months of workshops and input from many of organisations – including NFYFC – as well as external experts.

AFN is in the process of drilling down further on the research needs and will be producing further briefings in the coming weeks. Feedback on research questions that these scenarios might elicit is welcomed. 

Read more and download the report

NFYFC is one of many organisations who belong to this community helping to shape the next decade of research to support the and drive the agri-food system’s progress towards net zero.

During National Young Farmers’ Week, YFC AGRI Chair Luke Cox took part in an AFN webinar focused on young farmers and the drive to net zero, with panellists Dr Richard Byrne and organic dairy farmer Sophie Gregory.

Watch the AFN webinar