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Profile: Hadley Glover, Shome YFC, Kent

Profile: Hadley Glover, Shome YFC, Kent

As we look ahead to the Kent County Show in July, we meet Hadley Glover, one of the youngest YFC county federation vice chairs. Hadley shares why he's passionate about sheep… and YFC!

Q. Why did you want to be your county’s Vice Chair?

A. I was formerly Kent FYFC’s junior vice chair as well as Shorne YFC’s chair. Being part of YFC has helped me to preserve a safe space for finding my voice and improving my farming skills.

Q. What skills do you need?

A. You need the ability to listen and really hear what’s being said – and then act accordingly! My skills are linked to what YFC has offered me. I took up the opportunity to show livestock which ultimately led to my current, college job role. Now I can provide mentoring and support for younger YFC members.

Q. Your other passion is sheep. Why and what next?

A. I used to help my Grandad with his sheep and chose my own sheep at an early age for logistical and financial reasons. I take pride in breeding quality animals, but interests are also now veering to poultry and pigs!

Hadley's sheep

Q. What are the benefits of Kent FYFC taking such an active part at the Kent County Show?

A. Taking part makes us a really connected county. We’re very competitive in a niche way and this is visible to all show visitors. The Kent County Agricultural Society (KCAS) also offers an ideal scholarship scheme for young people as well as providing opportunities for public engagement and competitions.

Q. Advice to your fellow fledgling farmers and vice chairs?

A. Don’t worry about not knowing the answer! Every good leader understands the importance of understanding you can’t know everything, and finding an answer provides a great opportunity to make connections. Always remember, YFC is about your fellow YFC members, so keep listening!

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This article first appeared in NFYFC’s YFC AGRI June newsletter.

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