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Profile: Club Chair Isabel Chennells

Profile: Club Chair Isabel Chennells

Putting the time in is key to being a successful Chair, says 25-year-old Isabel Chennells from Collingham YFC. Isabel has been involved in YFC for nine years and became Collingham’s Chair in September 2023.

Why did you want to be a Club Chair?

I’ve held various other roles and supported all other club roles through my time in the club so felt the Chair position was the natural progression. I wanted to continue to grow the club building on what we have achieved in recent years and during my time as Secretary.

Have you held previous roles in the club?

Yes, I’ve been Treasurer, Secretary (for two years), Safeguarding Officer and unofficially helped with most other roles!

What has been your biggest challenge as Chair?

Member engagement. I know we are not the only club who struggle with getting competition entries and general engagement, but it can get you down when your efforts organising events are not supported by members. We have a varied programme and plan events outside of our weekly meetings to try to meet interests and needs of the membership. We have more ideas planned!

What has been your highlight as Chair so far?

Organising successful fundraising events, including a quiz and Christmas tree collection, and raising amazing amounts of money for the British Heart Foundation – a charity that means a lot to me and my family. I love event planning and YFC gives me an organisation to do this through. It also gives the club a positive reputation in the wider community.

Name three skills you need to be a good Chair?

  1. Patient
  2. Enthusiastic
  3. Determined.

What skills have you gained?

YFC has given me so many skills I couldn't name them all. Being Chair has helped me to further develop all these skills, especially around delegation, leadership and public speaking.

How much time do you estimate you give to the role?

It is fair to say YFC is an enormous part of my life. I spend a lot of time in supporting other roles, particularly this year where nearly everyone on the committee is new to a club role.

I like to make sure I’m at every club and county meeting, competition or event representing Collingham… so it don’t want to think about the hours I spend in a week on YFC!

Being a Chair is what you make it but to get the most out of it and make a difference you have to put the time in.

Would you recommend being a Club Chair?

Definitely. You shouldn’t underestimate the hard work involved but it can be rewarding when your team pull together to help you meet yours and the club’s ambitions. An experienced team supporting you makes life easier but equally teaching new members the ropes can be equally rewarding.

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