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NFYFC Council votes on dual membership decision

NFYFC Council votes on dual membership decision

YFC members who are part of multiple clubs will be able to represent one county per competition at a national final, as decided by a vote at NFYFC Council's meeting in February.

Following feedback and discussion in the Competitions Steering Group, Council were asked to choose the best option for members with dual membership status who take part in national competitions.

Dual membership is when a YFC member joins a club in one county federation and then also chooses to be a member of a club in a different county federation. This usually happens when someone moves location for university or work.

Current rules for this membership year only allow YFC members to compete for one county federation in NFYFC competition finals.

The changes will only effect national finals organised by NFYFC and will come into force from the new membership year in September. From that point, YFC members with dual membership status will be able to compete in different competitions for different county federations.

For example, the member could compete in Public Speaking for County Federation A and Stockjudging for County Federation B. They will not be permitted to compete in the same competition for more than one county federation.

Competitions Steering Group Chair William Longmire said:

“We want to ensure the system is fair for all members. Thank you to NFYFC Council for debating the options and choosing which one they felt would work best for all YFC members.

“The new system will be explained to County Federations ahead of the rule changes in September.”

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