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Launch of The Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Code of Practice

Launch of The Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Code of Practice

A key recommendation of the Rock Review supported by the government The Agricultural Landlord and Tenant Code of Practice has been launched (8 April).

This Code of Practice is designed to foster and encourage clarity, communication, and collaboration in the tenanted sector.

It provides guidance on the standards of behaviour expected from landlords and tenants as well as those providing professional advice in connection with agricultural tenancy matters. The Code will support landlords and tenants, and their professional advisers, to establish and maintain positive, productive, and sustainable commercial relationships. It aims to foster positive landlord-tenant relationships, achieved through dialogue and a sense of fairness and proportionality.

It has been produced and led from within the industry by an expert working group, which included NFYFC, representing every facet of the tenanted sector with support from Defra.

Julian Sayers, Chair of the Farm Tenancy Forum said:

“I hope all those who are party to the granting of agricultural tenancy agreements and negotiating associated matters will embrace this Code for the good of the let sector as a whole. The member organisations of the Farm Tenancy Forum will be actively promoting awareness and adoption of the Code along with monitoring it’s impact during our regular meetings.”

Matthew Morris who chaired the Expert Working Group said:

“All organisations involved in the production of this Code of Practice did so in a very open and collaborative way and we are delighted to have reached an industry wide consensus that I hope will drive genuine change in the sector.”

Environment Secretary Steve Barclay said:

“The tenanted sector is a central part of this government’s work to back British farmers and grow the rural economy. That’s why I am pleased to see the launch of this new Code of Practice, which will ensure the tenanted sector continues to thrive by promoting positive relationships between tenants and landlords.”

“It continues our progress to implement the Government’s Response to the Rock Review, with over a third of the commitments already completed, and actions underway to deliver on most other areas.”