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Land sought for pigeon racing

Land sought for pigeon racing

The Royal Pigeon Racing Association (RPRA) is looking for liberation sites across the UK and offering fees to landowners for the use of their land.

Liberation sites are used to release pigeons for racing. The RPRA has sites all over the UK but would like to add more to use on Saturdays from April to October.

Liberations of the racing pigeons take place as early as weather conditions allow, with the occasional holdover until the next day due to poor weather.

Fees are paid to landowners who can provide a site with a safe, clear aspect for liberations, hard standing for lorries and 24-hour access.

Water access and toilet facilities will be required for the two-man teams who accompany the pigeons.

Fees can be paid on a price per liberation or per lorry for those sites which can accommodate the transport.

Please contact or or call 01452 713529 if your land is suitable for a liberation site and you would like to get involved. 

More information can be found on the RPRA website.

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