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Developing confidence as a YFC Trainer

Developing confidence as a YFC Trainer

Meet Ben Johnson, 23, from Norfolk – a proud Swaffham YFC member. Last November, Ben became a YFC Trainer following a pre-Covid stint dabbling in County treasurer training — a role he found unexpectedly fulfilling. Ben, who works in his family’s funeral business, shares his experience as a YFC Trainer.

Why did you decide to become a trainer?

Pre-Covid I was Norfolk’s honorary treasurer, and I delivered all the treasury training in Norfolk.

I enjoyed seeing people learn and go from not knowing anything to then being able to review a set of accounts and understand their role. I get quite a lot of satisfaction from helping people – as that’s very much my role at work.

The experience sparked an interest in training and encouraged me to go on NFYFC’s Train the Trainer course so I could get a formal qualification and develop my skills.

What did you think of NFYFC’s Train the Trainer course?  

It was interesting to learn the different ways you could deliver the training, i.e whether it’s going to be a lecture, theory based or practical.

And it helped me understand the way different people learn based on what you are doing with them.

If the training was all theory based, you may get a few people who will learn a lot but you may lose everyone else and vice versa, as not everyone is completely practical.

My biggest takeaway from the course was that not everyone has the same learning styles.

What did you gain from going on the course?

It has given me confidence when delivering training because I know I am doing it the right way and following the correct structure. I now know about training plans and how to properly plan for a session, so you achieve the most out of it.

What’s your favourite course to deliver?

I made my own training course for Silo, which I delivered to club officers. And I have delivered the Great Communicators Curve module and will be delivering the Farm Safety one soon.

Great Communicators is the one I like to deliver the most. It’s the course I enjoyed the most as a member. It’s an engaging workshop and you learn how to communicate with people in different roles and settings.

Are there any modules you are keen to deliver?

When delivering the harder hitting modules, such as the Minding Your Head workshop, which is focused on mental wellbeing, you need to be mindful of people’s personal experiences. Minding Your Head is a great one to deliver as it could potentially save someone’s life. If a member is struggling, they will know where to get support and it helps other members be aware of different situations as well.

I need to do additional training to be able to deliver that workshop and I’m hoping to do it soon. As a mental health first aider, it’s already an area of interest to me and the ideal workshop for me to deliver.

What is your greatest teaching fear?

Turning up to the wrong venue to deliver a session, and no one is there!

Why would you recommend becoming a YFC Trainer?

It really helps develop your confidence. Once you’ve done a course, you start going out to clubs to deliver training and it’s like public speaking but in a more relaxed setting. I personally find that a better way to gain confidence, and it should have benefits in your career.

It has improved my confidence when presenting, which has helped people trust in the information I am sharing. I can explain things more clearly and effectively get my point across.

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Book on a Train the Trainer course

Two courses are available to join in March. Please contact your County Organiser to book on.


Date: 9-10 March, 2024, 9.30am-4pm

Location: Tennyson Building, Lincolnshire Showground, Lincoln LN2 2NA

Deadline for booking: 1 March 2024


Date: 16-17 March, 2024, 9.30am-4pm

Location: Devon YFC Offices, Cheriton Bishop, EX6 6JH

Deadline for booking: 8 March 2024