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Club of the Month: January 2024

Club of the Month: January 2024


Tewkesbury YFC, Gloucestershire

Number of members: 

60 and still going...

Where we meet: 

Apperley Cricket Club, GL19 4ED

Social media profiles: 

Instagram: @Tewkesburyyoungfarmers

Facebook: Tewkesbury YFC

Recent activities we have held: 

To start off the year we continued with the tradition of our annual Christmas tractor run. 

We welcomed 100 tractors and raised funds for Tewkesbury's food bank. We chose this charity as it helps our community all round year round. 

With huge regret we were forced to cancel our annual Christmas tree collection due to the floods. Our members felt that we could do more to help, so we supported people in our community that had been affected by the flooding. 

Tewkesbury flooding

Our work in the community: 

Our club helps with car parking duties at events, for example at Maisemore Park for the  point-to-point. Tewkesbury YFC members are always willing to help our local community when they need us. 

Why we are Club of the Month: 

When we couldn't do our annual Christmas tree collection we decided to help those who were affected by the flooding. We helped out at the Haw Bridge Inn by pressure washing the floors, pumping out and cleaning the cellar, cleaning furniture, the skittles alley and ripping up floors. We also helped a local stables that had flooded and was filled with sludge, as well as a family in Tewkesbury who needed help moving the sand bags.  

We are proud of every member that  helped with the clean up operation. It showed the public how passionate Tewkesbury YFC members are about their local community.

Submitted by Ruby Mills, Tewkesbury YFC's Social Media Officer. 

What the judges' said:

What a top effort from Tewkesbury YFC to act so quickly to support their community in a time of need. The flooding in January was devastating for lots of communities across England and Wales and it's great to see a YFC taking positive action to help others. Well done to everyone at this club and keep up the great work.

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