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Call for members' input to ensure YFCs grow and thrive

Call for members' input to ensure YFCs grow and thrive

YFC members are invited to attend NFYFC’s annual Summit to input ideas that will support the membership experience and guide NFYFC’s future work to ensure YFCs thrive.

The Summit, which will be held at the Warwick Trident Centre in Leamington Spa on Saturday 24 February, will include topics on climate change and inclusivity and diversity. Guest speakers will join the Summit to help lead the discussions and challenge thinking ahead of YFC members sharing their ideas.

Navaratnam (Theeb) Pattheeban OBE is the Regional Head of Farm at IVC Evidensia and the co-founder of the British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society (BVEDS). Theeb will share his experience as a farm vet and the work he has done to champion a more inclusive future in veterinary services in the UK.

As part of this session, YFC members will have the chance to discuss the importance of diversity and inclusion in YFC and reflect on ways counties and clubs can make programmes available and attractive for everyone.

Climate change

After lunch, Dr Ceris Jones, the NFU’s Climate Change Advisor, will share the challenges for the agriculture sector and the current work being done in this area. It will be an opportunity for clubs and counties to examine how YFCs and programming can help combat climate change and identify where resources, information and training will help with this work.

Chair of NFYFC Council Rosie Bennett said: “I encourage all YFC members to attend the Summit meeting as this is your chance to share ideas and help shape NFYFC’s policies on topics that matter to all of us. Climate change is an issue that affects everyone and NFYFC wants to help us all achieve ambitions to reduce our carbon footprint.

“Ensuring our organisation is available to everyone is also key to improving the membership experience. Feedback from members on issues they have faced or the support they need at a Young Farmers’ Club will help develop future resources and guidance.”

The Summit, which starts at 10am and ends at 3.30pm is open to all YFC members to attend and be part of the conversations. Ideas suggested at the meeting will be explored and put into action, where possible, following the Summit.

Summit is part of NFYFC’s February Council weekend and NFYFC’s five steering groups will meet after the discussions. The NFYFC Council elections take place on Sunday 25 February at the same venue.

For more information and to secure a place at the Summit, please contact Sandra Bromley.