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National Young Farmers' Week, Wednesday 11 October

Activities for Wednesday

Supporting sustainable skills!

How to get involved on Wednesday 11 October 2023

Share your YFC skills

Post on social media about the skills you or your members have learnt through YFC. Has it helped you get the job you wanted, introduced you to a new hobby or benefited your personal life? Share your story and tag NFYFC and Tama.

Join the county recycle challenge

We’ll be launching an exciting new challenge for all clubs and counties to recycle more and help local farmers to do it too. We’ll be sharing details of the challenge on Skills Day and will also link up with the Plastic Pollution Prevention Curve module. All clubs will be encouraged to deliver this module during the membership year and there’s a prize on offer to the YFC Trainer and the County that reaches the most members (this will be scaled according to the size of your county).

Become a YFC Trainer

Find out what it’s like to be a YFC Trainer and how it can improve your skills inside and outside of YFC.