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National Young Farmers' Week, Thursday 12 October

Activities for Thursday

Creating sustainable achievements!

How to get involved on Thursday 12 October 2023

Share your competition success

We want to hear all about your club’s achievements at competitions and how individuals have progressed by being involved. Share your photos and videos from competitions and share positive stories about the programme.

YFC Travel accomplishments

We’ll be sharing the story about Junior Member of the Year Lucy Hall’s trip to Kenya and how she learnt about sustainable farming in another country. Why not share YFC Travel experiences from your club or county and promote the opportunities YFC Travel provides.

What’s on my plate

We’ll be highlighting the winners from the recent national Cookery finals and sharing recipes. Individuals can join in by sharing what’s on their plate today – and we’re looking for British produce – even better if you’ve cooked it yourself. Just post a photo of your meal, with the details of what’s on the plate (and where it was sourced if it was local). You can post a club montage or just encourage your members to post their dinner pics. Tag NFYFC and Tama in your posts.