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Monday 9 October

Activities for Monday

Supporting a sustainable future for British food and farming!

How to get involved on Monday 9 October 2023


Throughout the week, we’re encouraging YFC members to download our speech bubble and tell us how they’re involved in YFC. We want you to complete the sentence… I’m a Young Farmer and I love YFC because…

We’d love you to say whether you’re involved in farming or not!

EIEIO Videos

We’ll be announcing the winner of our EIEIO Challenge, judged by Kaleb Cooper today. We’d love you to share the winning video and also to share the video your YFC recorded for National Young Farmers’ Week. Promote your club, promote YFC and show how YFC is involved in supporting British food and farming.

New report

We’ll be sharing a new report for National Young Farmers’ Week that tackles some of the issues raised by new entrants in our Route to Success survey earlier this year. Instead of highlighting the problems though, this report will be promoting the solutions and how we can all think positively about a sustainable future.

Look out for our posts, download the report and share it with members of your club. It’s guaranteed to cheer up our farming members.

Download assets here.