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National Young Farmers' Week, Friday 13 October

Activities for Friday

Supporting sustainable connections!

How to get involved on Friday 13 October 2023

Celebrate friendships and connections

Today we want you to share your stories about the connections made in YFC. Whether that’s making friends for life or a business connection that has changed your career path. As a club you can post stories about your members or just encourage them to share their stories and tag NFYFC and Tama.

Beating rural isolation

We’ll be sharing more information about Rural+ today and how important it is to run this session in your club. It helps raise awareness of mental wellbeing and also helps others spot the signs of someone who may be struggling. Look out for the information we share and talk to your club about it.

Friendship wave

We’ll be starting a social media YFC Friendship Wave today. We’ll start the wave and tag three people and encourage them to pass on the wave to another three people, and so on. All you need to do is post a photo of yourself waving (or with your club members waving if you want to do a club effort) and post it on social media, then tag three friends. Let’s keep the wave going to help everyone stay connected to YFC.