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Club Exchanges

“We would definitely recommend a club exchange, we have had so much fun, meeting new people and making friends with them has been one of the best highlights. Every club should benefit from this activity.”

For many decades, a club exchange has been a popular way for YFC club members to meet other YFC members from across England and Wales.

The basic principle of a club exchange is:

  • Two clubs from different parts of England/Wales visit one another for a weekend.
  • For each of the weekends, the ‘host’ club plans activities, usually from the point of arrival on a Friday evening to the point of departure after lunch on a Sunday.

>>NFYFC has prepared guidance for clubs organising a club exchange, which includes advice on accommodation, guidance on risk assessments and insurance as well as templates for organising your weekend. There is specific guidance for planning an over night stay for YFC members who are over 18

NFYFC has also prepared important guidance for clubs that want to involve under 18s in a club exchange.

Any club can take part in a YFC Club exchange – it can be the ultimate tailor-made travel experience for you and your club. Club exchanges are a great way to make new friends, take part in exciting, new and different activities and learn about YFC culture in another part of the UK.

If you're thinking of organising a club exchange, email your details to and we'll do a shout out for you!


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