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Albania (YFC Group Travel)

Albania (YFC Group Travel)

Age to Participate

18 – 30 years old (must be 18 on 1 Sep 2023) when applying

Places Available

Minimum of 12 places


4 - 10 October 2024


7 days

Cost to Member

£1,050 (excluding flights - as a guide, flight at September 2023 was £350)


Saturday 2 December 2023 at the YFC Centre, Stoneleigh Park

Closing Date

10 November 2023

The maximum number of submissions have been received for this trip – unfortunately, the YFC Travel applications have now closed for the 2024 trips.

About Albania

Albania has made significant progress in modernising its economy since the fall of communism in 1992. Having been almost a closed country for nearly 40 years, the culture changes necessary to convert the economy to a market style system has been slow.

In 2009 Albania applied to join the EU and it now enjoys favoured status. The EU is the major export destination for their products and produce and Albania can expect to be admitted to the EU when the next intake decisions are made. The EU is preparing the country for entry by providing significant funding in advance of entry, which is helping to build infrastructure, raise manufacturing quality, and assisting with development of the agricultural industry.

The geography of Albania is exciting with stunning coastlines, boasting beaches and turquoise sea colours similar to Croatia and Greece. There are stunning mountain ranges, lakes and rivers, alpine forests and the climate is Mediterranean, offering long days of sunshine for most of the year. It is a holiday destination with a growing reputation and whilst not yet within the EU enjoys far better prices than its competitors. With fewer international tourists, many of the places we will visit offer the chance to see these gems without the pressure of crowds.

Farming is a mix of modern, well managed and funded businesses and small peasant style land strips supporting individual families, still working with donkey and carts. Land ownership remains an issue for the evolution of farming and the EU is encouraging the government to resolve this issue to help make it more efficient.

This trip gives the opportunity for members to travel together as part of a team looking at the various farming practices and experiencing the culture.


YFC Travel is generously supported by Young Farmers Ambassadors and NFU Mutual Charitable Trust.