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Agriculture and Rural Life

Agriculture and Rural Life

Agriculture and rural life sits at the heart of the YFC organisation. 

It’s where many of us live, work, study, socialise and play an active part in our community. 

As part of our commitment to celebrating rural life, NFYFC represents young farmers’ views nationally and regionally and offers a varied programme of training, events, visits and resources for YFC members.

NFYFC works with industry to deliver its programme of work and has developed exciting projects that develop members’ skills as well as providing opportunities that support career development. From scholarships to attend the Oxford Farming Conference to sharing views with Government – NFYFC offers opportunities for all young people seeking to get ahead in the industry. 

The theme of food and farming runs throughout our competitions, training and our partnership projects.

We have a group of dedicated YFC members who make up YFC AGRI –  and they represent the views of farming members and help to shape our work in this area. Together we have created a living AGRI Ambition document, which highlights our aims for Your Future Countryside. 

Thank you to our many industry partners who support NFYFC’s work and the career development of YFC members.

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