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Are you looking for a business opportunity or considering future business options?

With the newly-launched Smart Farming Guide and business opportunity matching services in England and Wales, it’s a good time to think about your future business options. There are two handy online services, the Land Partnerships Service and the Farming Connect Venture Programme to help with opportunities and advice.

Land Partnerships Service

  • For land and business entrepreneurs looking to start or expand a business 
  • For landowners (small to large areas of land), land agents, farmers/business owners who may have the opportunities and land to offer.
  • Aims to bring interested parties together and there’s an emphasis on helping new business get started; providing an entrance point and/or step into an existing business, progression

Q. How can the service help me?  

A: This service aims to bring together interested parties who are looking to work together, through established business models. There is an ultimate aim of helping progression. You can find information on business models and further details from the general land partnerships information page.

Q: How do I get involved and find out more?

A: If you just want to be updated with general information on the service, go to the contact us page and complete the form and tick the ‘matching’ box. You will then be sent information of the service by email.

If you would like to register to use the service then go to the registration page, read the full details of the service and complete the form. When you have completed and returned the form, your details will be added to the main Land Partnerships Service database and work will begin.

NFYFC undertook two Defra-funded research projects to help establish the current Land Partnerships Service. Launched in June 2016, the pilot project has been gathering momentum.

Don’t forget to register your interest to see how the service can help you.  Business Wales offers its Farming Connect Venture programme and this comprises:

  • information on various joint venture options 
  • an integrated package of training, mentoring, business support and specialist legal advice, tailored to your personal and business requirements
  • the skills, guidance and support you need to help you achieve your goals
  • a list of potential joint venture partners through a database of newcomers wanting a route into farming or forestry and established landowners considering leaving or scaling down
  • Visit the Farming Connect Venture programme to find information, training and specialist support.


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