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AgConnectWA (Western Australia)

Exciting opportunity for a YFC member to travel to Australia in the summer of 2024

NFYFC have been given the amazing opportunity to allow one of its members to take part in a reciprocal exchange with Western Australia Farmers based in Perth.

The aim of AgConnectWA is to engage, connect, represent, educate, listen, advocate and support young people throughout the agricultural industry and communities, in order to address challenges they face, and harness opportunities that are available to them.

AgConnectWA recognises that in addition to young farmers, there is a myriad of young people in rural, regional and metropolitan areas with a passion for agriculture and progressing rural communities.

Each year, AgConnectWA conducts several events that aim to bring together young people to form long lasting friendships and to provide advice and assistance relating to the agricultural industry.


Travelling to Australia between late August, September or October 2024.


The trip is for four weeks – If the delegate chosen wishes to partake in independent travel either side of their exchange, this must be funded and organised entirely by the delegate. They should have adequate insurance and visa coverage.


Those applying must be aged between 21 and 28 on 1 September 2023 and be a member of a YFC Club in England and Wales.


As this is a reciprocal exchange the person travelling to Australia must be prepared to host an incoming delegate for 2/4 weeks in July or August 2024. Those applying must be able to accommodate the incoming exchange on a family farm. To note that those hosting and adults in the household will need to be DBS checked and submit a plan as to what accommodation will be provided. Must host for a minimum of 2 weeks and the other 2 weeks other arrangements can be made.

Whilst hosting the Australian delegate accommodation and meals are to be provided.

The reciprocal home exchange is not a working holiday and should be classed as an academic visit. Whilst delegates may help out on the farms of the host family, they will not be there as hired labour, nor will they receive a wage. Delegates should be travelling on a holiday visa and must have at least 6 months on their passport.


This opportunity is for members who have a knowledge of agriculture especially in grain, beef, sheep and salad crops. To note that there is very little dairy in the area.


Those selected would need to purchase a flight at their own cost to Perth Australia and return – whilst staying in Australia during the 4 week stay accommodation and meals will be provided by host families.

How to Apply

The closing date for entries is Friday 10 November 2023 and applications must be submitted by applying through the link below. Interviews will take on Saturday 2 December 2023 at the YFC Centre, Stoneleigh Park, Warwickshire CV8 2LG.

The maximum number of submissions have been received for this trip – unfortunately, the YFC Travel applications have now closed for the 2024 trips.


YFC Travel is generously supported by Young Farmers Ambassadors and NFU Mutual Charitable Trust.