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County on Track 

Welcome to the new County on Track initiative – designed to recognise and reward the amazing work of our 46 YFC County Federations across England and Wales. 

County on Track is focused on supporting County Federations to achieve their full potential and ensures that everyone gets the training and support they need to get there. By sharing experiences, County on Track will also celebrate best practice and encourage a culture of learning from each other. 

How County on Track works 

NFYFC has developed a questionnaire for County Federations to complete to explain more about their systems and processes and the general running of the Federation. The answers provided will help NFYFC review the work of the Federation in 10 critical categories that are essential to YFC delivery. 

County Federations will be graded in these 10 categories and then awarded with a red, green or gold welly standard for each. 

A red welly means there may be problems in a particular category and NFYFC will put an action plan in place to help the County Federation to improve. 

A green welly means that the County Federation is following best practice and meeting its charitable requirements in that particular category. There may still be some room for improvement and NFYFC will provide any additional guidance needed for this.

A gold welly means the County Federation is going above and beyond what is required in a particular category and is a shining example to others. 

All County Federations that receive a green or gold welly across all 10 categories will receive a certificate. NFYFC will provide feedback to all County Federations, with action plans for categories that receive a red and green welly, to help them improve. 

NFYFC will share case studies of those who have achieved gold wellies to help others reach the same goal. 

How to take part  

A copy of the questions can be found here to help County Federations prepare answers. Three weeks before County Federations need to submit answers, NFYFC will email to ask you to fill in the form below to submit your answers. You will also need to email Allie and Natasha at to submit your supporting documents.

Arrangements will then be made for Allie and Natasha to meet with your County Federation to discuss your submission further.


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