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NFYFC's Annual General Meeting 2021

Thursday 29 April, 7.30pm, to be hosted online

NFYFC's 2021 Annual General Meeting (AGM) is approaching and due to the Covid-19 pandemic it will be online again this year.

This will be the second time that NFYFC's AGM will be held online and votes will also be made online. The AGM will be in a webinar format and those watching and listening to the meeting will be able to make contributions or ask questions by using the comments function.

If a member of your club or county federation would like to address the meeting via the webinar, particularly concerning any proposed motions, please contact as soon as possible (and no later than Wednesday 21 April 2021) so technical arrangements can be made.

The meeting will help to shape the future of the YFC and NFYFC – so please use your voice and your club/county votes to ensure the organisation is in good shape for the next generation as they join the YFC community.

Every YFC Club will be emailed two votes and we encourage every club to use its votes. County federations and area committees also each receive a vote, as do members of the NFYFC Council.

Emails will be sent to those entitled to vote with the voting instructions and vote login details for the digital voting system. Voting will open several days before the meeting and will close one hour before the meeting commences, except the vote for the upper age of YFC membership, which will close immediately after the debate.  The Chair will announce the results as the meeting progresses through the agenda.

In this area of the website you will find information and support guides on how to hold a successful debate in your club to help you discuss the proposals outlined below. A set of FAQs also provides background information about NFYFC and the process of Council.

The link to watch the AGM is here. The passcode for the meeting is 188671.  

Motion: Changes to the upper age limit of YFC membership

Gwent Federation of Young Farmers’ Clubs put forward a motion to change the upper age to 28 years.

Proposer :   Abigail Williams - Gwent FYFC 

Seconder:   Bryony Wilson, Montgomery FYFC

The proposal is to increase the upper age of YFC membership from 26 to 28 years of age from 1 September 2021. It is felt that by increasing the age range, it will mean YFCs can recruit from a larger pool of potential members and retain those that still want to be part of their club and YFC.

Older members can bring more experience of the organisation to the club and help with sharing the load of running a club.

Consider these points that have been discussed by members since the initial proposal:

  • Smaller clubs struggle to find people to take on top table roles (and do them well)
  • Smaller clubs struggle to make up the numbers to enter team competitions
  • Some clubs have said they struggle to get people to attend and help at fundraisers and other events
  • Running a club as a charity needs more people – there is more to do now than before as we must manage the clubs well, manage and support the wellbeing and safety of every member at every club – having more members in their twenties will help with this responsibility
  • The same people within a club are doing everything (sometimes at the county federation as well), and often they end up leaving YFC early because it is taking too much from them.

Expectations are that if one or two 27 and 28 year olds renew their membership in each club, it will have a big impact on the club, the county federations and to the NFYFC. 

For the NFYFC, the decision has already been made to include members and associate members up to 28 in the 2020/21 competitions calendar.  This also gives us all a head start work out any sticking points that might arise in YFC programming.

For any clubs or county federations who do not wish to extend the membership age locally, they can still follow their own constitutions and keep recruitment at their preferred ages. This motion will give county federations and clubs the flexibility they need to change their age limits to suit their needs. 

The proposals recommend that if the motion is accepted that the NFYFC Council leads a review of its impact in 2023. 

It is felt that as we rebuild YFC after Covid, now is the right time to make this change and see how it works in playing a part in creating a new path for the future of YFC after the pandemic.

Here's some tips on holding a discussion in your club to decide which way your YFC wishes to vote. 

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