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Volunteer in Sri Lanka

This trip is organised by Projects Abroad.

4th – 18th August 2019 (2 weeks).

Who can go?
There is space for ten YFC members aged 18-30 years old.*

How much?

£1,200 per person payable to Projects Abroad (which includes food, accommodation, insurance and excursions). There are also costs to members for travel, vaccinations and social expenditure.

Plus £30 refundable deposit to NFYFC for the multimedia presentation. 

Tell me more....
Your group will be involved in developing a community vegetable garden at a care centre near Colombo. You will also spend time working alongside local farmers at their farms, caring for livestock and managing crops.

Community Farming in Sri Lanka
If you have a love of farming and would like to learn more about Sri Lankan culture then this could be the project for you. For the first half of your project, your group will be based in a care centre along the south western coast of Sri Lanka, just outside of Colombo. Your work here will be to create a community garden for the care centre, and your tasks could include:
•    Planting seeds and crops
•    Weeding and composting
•    Harvesting produce
•    Running lessons on sustainability and nutrition

As well as creating and maintaining the garden, your group will also get to spend time with the children at the centre. This role will vary from helping children to learn the alphabet, to organising arts and crafts, to playing sports and much more. Cricket is very popular in Sri Lanka so be prepared to be challenged to a match or two!

 The group’s second week will be spent working alongside local farmers at a plot, helping to employ sustainable, organic methods on the land. You’ll be helping to produce some of Sri Lanka’s most delicious produce, with the opportunity to sample jackfruit curry and the sweetest mango juice you have ever tasted.

 You’ll be involved in:
•    Implementing organic farming processes
•    Sustainable use of resources
•    Caring for livestock
•    Crop rotation  
•    Pest control
The group will stay together in a small hotel, with transport to and from your placement arranged for you each day.
At the weekend, your group will travel to Kandy to enjoy some of the stunning scenery Sri Lanka has to offer, and you’ll also get the chance to have a close encounter with elephants at an elephant sanctuary.  You’ll be able to soak up some of the country’s rich culture and heritage with visits to ancient temples and bustling markets as well.

How to apply

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