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Holding a virtual YFC meeting

Holding a virtual YFC meeting is a great alternative way to keep YFC alive and your members engaged. By keeping in regular contact with members it can help beat the feelings of isolation and loneliness and it will give members something to look forward to.

Virtual meetings are fun, inclusive and can provide new activities and ways of learning.

What you need to do:

  1. With the club officers arrange a call to discuss if you are able and willing to run regular virtual meetings and whether you have the internet connection and facilities to be able to run them. You will need to investigate the options available to you.
  2. There are a number of different conference providers. Zoom is a popular, app and easy to use. It allows large numbers to join and will allow you to have a 40-minute meeting for free. Members will need to download the app onto their device. You and your officers should try it out first.
  3. Once you have agreed which app to use, draft an alternative club programme. You can get a range of ideas from the NFYFC website: YFC at Home or you can come up with your own ideas.Try to keep them simple – remember if you use Zoom you only have 40 minutes.
  4. Your first meeting will be a trial as it will be new to some members and you’ll need to try and co-ordinate it so that everyone can participate. At this meeting, firstly tell members what you and the officers have planned for the next few weeks and ask for ideas.
  5. At the first meeting, give members 60 seconds to talk about their feelings, how they've been affected, the changes they've had to make. Subsequent meetings can include activities eg, YFC quiz, ABC scavenger hunt, Pictionary etc. See a list of ideas here.

Holding online AGMs 

It's important to still hold AGMs for your club when they are due and you can do this online during the pandemic. NFYFC has produced an AGM support pack, which includes:

  • Guidance for YFCs when preparing a digital/virtual Annual General Meeting
  • AGM Agenda template – with supporting notes
  • Sample Club Annual Report
  • Information for new club officers
  • Information on voting rights at a club AGM
  • The standing orders of the club AGM
  • Information on the election of trustees, club officers and leaders
  • Check list

Download the AGM guidance here

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