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YFC At Home

We know how challenging the weeks and months are going to be for YFC members who are missing their weekly club meetings and activities because of the impact of Covid-19. To help you get through the days ahead, NFYFC has come up with some ideas and suggestions for ways you can get the most out of YFC at Home! 

We believe many of the things we love about YFC can still be enjoyed at home – just with a few online tweaks and a bit of creativity!  

While everyone is usually practising for County Rallies and Shows at this time of the year, we thought we would bring some of this fun back into your homes with our YFC Isolation Challenges. These are all skilled-based too, so can be counted as a learning activity as well. Bonus for those looking for ideas to help with home schooling!

YFC at Home includes: 

Support your community  

YFCs are brilliant at supporting their communities all year round and your YFC is probably needed more than ever in your rural location. Get more information and ideas on how you can help others during this crisis and get practical tips on how to stay safe too.

Take care of yourself

Staying in your home and not seeing friends and wider family could start to have a negative impact on your mental and physical health and well-being. Get more advice on the support available to you if you are struggling at the moment. More here.

It's important to keep your mind busy and we have loads of ideas for activities for all ages that you can do while you're stuck at home. See activities here

NFYFC has also launched the YFC Isolation Challenges, complete with mini Challenge Finals so everyone can have fun and stay motivated. See isolation challenges here.

Stay connected 

Coming up with new and creative ways to stay connected to your YFC is important. Using online platforms is a good way to keep in touch with each other and ensure everyone can still enjoy being part of the YFC community.  Get some ideas and advice here on the best ways to keep in touch with your YFC.

Support for farmers

Farms and our members who are farming will be feeling the effects of the crisis too. YFCs can volunteer their help locally and through national schemes, such as the Farming Help helpline or by picking fruit and vegetables to help plug the gap in seasonal labour. Find out more here



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