National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

Fun, Learning, and Achievement

What we do...

Many of the brilliant events and activities that Young Farmers’ members can get involved in are organised by NFYFC. We help our members to:

Get Competitive

Competitions are at the heart and soul of YFC- in fact it’s where it all started. Every year NFYFC organise a range of national competitions to help members develop new skills and have fun at the same time. Ranging from old classics, such as stock judging and floral arts, to dodge ball and pantomimes there really is a competition for everyone.

Get Training

Want to learn how to be a better leader, organise the biggest event in town or become a media guru? NFYFC offer an array of training sessions that not only prepare members for their role in running clubs, but also help develop essential life and career skills.

Get Travelling

If you ever dreamed of jetting off in search of adventure, but weren’t quite sure where to find it, then NFYFC could help. We offer our members all sorts of excursions including exchange visits, team travel, working holidays and adventure holidays - each one lets members broaden their horizons on a brand new adventure.

Get Heard

NFYFC make sure that their member’s voices are heard. We know that young people are the future of agriculture and that they should have a say on the issues that will shape that future. We make sure our member’s opinions on agriculture, rural affairs and anything else that affects them, are represented within industry, youth work and government.

NFYFC also believe in the principles of the Every Child Matters campaign


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