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Watch That Cowpat!

Designed and created by the NFYFC's Youth Forum, "Watch that Cowpat!" is a fun way of helping to promote “field to fork” education and teaches children about where their food comes from.

Thanks to sponsorship from Natwest, this game has now been rolled out to all seven of NFYFC's area federations.

How do you play? 

To play the game, each player takes it in turn to spin the arrow on a board containing food items. Wherever the arrow lands, the player must find the picture on the mat 

(see above) that is the producer of that food item.  For example, if it lands on milk, the person needs to put their hand or foot on a dairy cow image. If the spinner lands on a ’cowpat’ the player has to put their hand or foot on the cowpat image on the mat! The game continues with players getting tangled together until someone cannot reach their image or when they fall over. 

How did the game come about?

Youth Forum members attended an event in London during the Olympic torch run in 2012. During the event, the members were surprised to learn how little adults and children knew about where their food comes from.  So the Forum put a motion to the British Youth Council ACM to raise awareness of the importance of field to fork education – this was accepted into the national manifesto. The forum met with FACE (Farming and Countryside Education), who set them a challenge to develop an educational resource to help children and young people understand where there food comes from and the journey from field to fork.

The forum brainstormed ideas and decided on a format for the game with the support of FACE. The forum then received a grant of £2,000 from the Rural Youth Trust to produce a prototype and pilot the game. The forum members worked with a game designer to produce two games, which were then piloted at various events across the country to collect feedback.  
In August 2015, the Youth Forum secured sponsorship from Natwest for the game, which allowed more copies of the game to be produced and made available to all seven of NFYFC’s area federations.

How can I play?

Not only is Watch that Cowpat! a great educational tool, it also makes for a great activity for a YFC club night!

To find out where your nearest copy of the game is, call 02476 857200. We also have a dedicated Facebook album, showing members from across NFYFC playing the game. Email photos of your members playing the game to  


Designed by Kevyn Williams