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The Tug Wilson Trophy

Awarded to the reserve Champion County Federation for YFC Competitions Finals 2017-18

Winners: Cumbria FYFC

Breaking down barriers to entering competitions is a key focus for Cumbria FYFC.

After discovering that people were reluctant to enter certain competitions because of a confusion about the preparation needed, the County team took positive action.

Videos of every county final competition were distributed to each club so that members could understand more about what was involved in taking part – helpful for competitions such as Just a Minute.

“We used the videos quite heavily and that’s what I think has helped and has been beneficial to members,” said the 2018-19 County Chairman Eamon Monaghan. “We saw an uplift in participation in competitions such as Debating and Just a Minute. Prior to the videos, they didn’t know how to prepare for the competition or didn’t even recognise the title of the competition.”

Eamon also credited the judges in Cumbria with helping the County to improve in competitions.

“We are lucky to have such experienced judges in Cumbria and we always use them to feedback to members and make it clear what they are looking for in a winning entry. Judges have always stuck by members too and helped them to progress through the rounds,” added Eamon.   

One competition where the County found national success was Senior Member of the Year – a title won by Eamon (see picture of Eamon collecting his award).

“It was the highlight of the year for me and I didn’t expect to get that far,” said Eamon about his personal success that also contributed towards the County winning the Tug Wilson. “You can’t get much higher than Senior Member of the Year and it was the pinnacle for me to finish on my year as County Chairman.” 


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