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Agriculture and Rural Issues steering group

Who are we?




Harriet Wilson

(Staffordshire FYFC)


Vice Chairman

James Hutchinson

(Wiltshire FYFC)














What to we do?

Check out the steering group and AGRI Link roles in The Bigger Picture section of The Source.

Harriet Wilson

Vice Chairman
James Hutchinson

Sam Dilcock

Area Representatives:

East Midlands

Tom Wells

Kate Wainwright


Elizabeth Duchesne

Gerald Norman


Cameron Shell

Richard Carruthers

South East

Adam Churchman

Ben Robinson

South West

Claire Bellew

James Hutchinson


Dafydd Jones

Caryl Hughes

West Midlands

Harriett Wilson

David Goodwin

Co-Options to AGRI Steering Group

Charlotte Middlebrook (Yorkshire)

Richard Bower (Staffordshire)
NFU Next Generation

James Evans (Wales YFC)

NFU Rep:
James Hutchinson

CLA Rep:
Charlotte Middlebrook

CEJA Reps: James Evans, Caryl Hughes, Sam Dilcock, James Hutchinson, Adam Churchman, Charlotte Middlebrook, Ben Robinson, David Goodwin, Kate Wainwright

David Goodwin

TRIG Rep: Becky Heal

Fresh Start Reps:


What we do

The steering group is made up of regional YFC members who are passionate about rural life and agriculture. We care about the future of farming, the countryside and of our YFC organisation so we make things happen! Whether it’s a consultation response, new training, putting on events or representing our members, we want to make a difference!

AGRI has its own manifesto which is constantly reviewed to suit YFC members’ needs - Download it here.
What have we done?

CEJA, CLA, NFU, LEAF meetings
Giving YFC members a voice
Innovative events, training, guides, input to policy and competitions
Succession videos available for all YFCs online
Know Your Future Market forum
AGRI Forum at Annual Convention – Making Our Mark!
Supply chain training
Walk the Wool Chain, BWMB
Discussion groups
Member of the European Council of Young Farmers (CEJA)
Campaigning for rural issues
AGRI Manifesto

Please share any relevant views or concerns with steering group members.


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