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What does YFC meant to me? My extended family. 

By Sallie Woodward, 23, Wix YFC, Essex

I hadn’t been in YFC for very long when I was involved in a minor car accident. Thankfully no one was hurt, but my friend lost control of the vehicle and spun 360 degrees into a bush.

Luckily we were all fine but we couldn’t get the car out of a ditch. Our families were away so I called some people from the Club. They dropped what they were doing, jumped into a tractor and pulled us out in no time.

And that is YFC to a tee – someone has always got your back.

I didn’t join until I was 18 even though my mum was always keen for me to go. She’s from a farming background and was always involved when she was younger – in fact my granddad formed Ongar YFC in Essex after the War.

My mum was always happy for me to be out and about anywhere in the county with YFC members. She knows that YFC is a safe organisation with a sense of belonging.

YFC has a great reputation for getting things done. And there’s no greater example than the annual Essex Young Farmers Show that our county pulls together to organise.

It’s a huge agricultural show that attracts 16,000 people every year – and the entire thing is put on by YFC members.

Being involved in the show gives everyone incredible skills and confidence. This year, I’m involved in the social media for the event and acting as a club liaison. This means I will be involved in presenting to clubs across the county to get them on board with the show.

It’s a big income stream for the County and means that we are completely self-sufficient. This means any fundraising we do can go to support other charities – we raised £38,607.30 last year and won the national award for being the County that raised the most money.

I have also taken on a role to be in charge of the fundraising for the County this year and am organising a summer ball for 300 people. I’m a bit of a perfectionist but I have learnt how to delegate after being involved in the County show.

Although the organisation is focused on developing young people, there is a strong connection throughout the generations. Former members – like my mum – are on hand with advice and support. Past County Chairmen love to hear what you are up to. The staff in the office have been involved in YFC for years and have seen everything!

And they’re always there to support our events. Whenever we host a ball or luncheon, we have people there aged from 16 to 70.

It really is one big community.


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