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31 January 2022

In February, the NFYFC Council will elect a new Chair for 2022-23. Outgoing Chair Rachel Goldie from Yorkshire FYFC, shares her experience in the role during a pandemic and encourages others to stand for election in the future.   

What have been the highlights for you as NFYFC Chair? 

Seeing the members rally together to ensure YFC comes back stronger than ever from Covid-19 and hitting 15k members by Christmas! Not your usual highlights but it hasn't been a usual year. 

What has been the biggest challenge? 

The biggest challenge has got to be coming out of Covid and managing a constant change in restrictions for clubs and counties. But I am very proud of the way everyone has handled the past two years. 

What has been the biggest achievement over the last year? 

Getting married whilst in office – haha! Not sure how I would have fit it in if it hadn't been for the pandemic. 

YFCs have excelled in their community work and membership figures have boomed – my own club, for example, now has 40-45 new members!

What skills do you think you have learnt? 

How to manage difficult situations that are out of your control – and having to think and act quickly and responsibly. 

Would you recommend the role to others considering it in the future? 

100%. There is no better way to get involved than taking on a role in my opinion. Yes at times the responsibilities can seem a little scary, but working with the County Federations across England and Wales is an experience I will never forget.

Find out more about NFYFC Council here.  Elections for a new NFYFC Council Chair take place on 20 February 2022. 


28 January 2022

Speeches from Ministers and leading industry figures have given NFYFC’s Oxford Farming Conference (OFC) scholars a major insight to the current challenges and future opportunities in the sector.

Fergus Starkey from Warwickshire FYFC and Megan Watkins from Herefordshire FYFC attended the online three-day conference after securing scholarships through NFYFC from the Worshipful Company of Farmers. 

Fergus, who is not from a farming background, described the conference as amazing and said it had “opened his eyes” to many parts of the sector. 

“I would wholeheartedly recommend anybody who’s interested in farming to consider going to the conference or applying for a future sponsorship,” said Fergus. 

The mix of topics covered over the three days included productivity, natural capital, global trading, food security and the benefits of satellite technology, to name just a few. 

“There were some remarkable talks, and some others that were perhaps a little harder to stomach,” explained Fergus who has submitted a full report as part of his scholarship. “There was a great session on leadership, organised for the Oxford Scholars’ Group and the Inspire leaders, with an emphasis on being good leaders through personal development and self-reflection.” 

A speech by the Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs, George Eustice, where he called on farmers to stand their ground against retailers, left Fergus with concerns around planned policy changes and the support for British produce. 

“There is a need for so much more than ‘tough’ farmers to address the inequality of power within our domestic food production,” concluded Fergus. 

The OFC Scholars’ programme allows scholars to attend the conference as well as providing access to a series of online bespoke webinars. 

The offering aims to give young people in the early stages of their career the opportunity for peer-to-peer networking and to share views and ideas, while gaining access to key skills development training. 

The Worshipful Company of Farmers offers two OFC scholarships places to YFC members every year. 

You can read Fergus’ full report here.



25 January 2022

Low Carbon Agriculture show, supported by NFYFC, will take place on 8-9 March 2022, at the National Agriculture and Exhibition Centre (NAEC), to support farmers as they move through the agricultural transition. 

The event will provide practical guidance on sustainable land use, renewable energy generation and emission control, cutting through the noise to get to the heart of what new changes mean for farmers, by covering specific pressing topics such as policy, carbon storage, soil health, natural capital, net zero, renewable energy, low emission vehicles and agri-tech.

Low Carbon Agriculture show incorporates four expos including: ‘Environmental Business Expo’, ‘Farm Technology Expo’, ‘Energy Now Expo’ and ‘Low Emission Vehicles Expo.’

Low Carbon Agriculture will feature its renowned multi-streamed conference, workshops, an exhibition, test drives of low emission vehicles and machinery and demonstrations of the latest innovations in agri-tech. Visitors to the event will be able to make one-to-one appointments in advance of the event, as well as attending networking roundtable discussions run by exhibitors.

One Show. Four Expos. Multi-streamed conference

Low Carbon Agriculture Show is free to attend and features the Energy Now Expo, in which an exhibition will be accompanied by an energy storage theatre and a cutting-edge conference programme, covering all forms of renewables.

The Low Emission Vehicles Expo will showcase the latest low-carbon transport and machinery solutions, highlight the related opportunities, and feature a test track.

The Environmental Business Expo will include an exhibition and conference sessions offering practical guidance to farmers on the management and reduction of harmful greenhouse gasses, carbon sequestration, regenerative farming and effective environmental land management, in preparation for the ELM scheme. Suppliers of innovative agri-tech will take part in the exhibition and workshop area within the Farm Technology Expo.

Visit to learn more.


21 January 2022

The national Farming Help charities – The Farming Community Network, Addington Fund and Forage Aid - have launched new awareness raising sessions for delivery from February 2022 – with a focus on stress management, succession and planning for the future of the farm business.

The first Farming Help charities’ sessions will take place online on the following dates and are targeted at farm groups, businesses and stakeholders across agriculture:

  • 24 February (12-2pm)
  • 25 February (12-2pm)
  • 10 March (12-2pm)
  • 11 March (12-2pm)

These sessions also complement available material from NFYFC for YFC members which includes:

If you are interested in attending the Farming Help sessions please contact to book your free place.  


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