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29 January 2020

It’s the Youth Forum Residential this weekend where members of the group will elect a new Chairman and Vice Chairman.

The weekend, at Oaklands Activity Centre, near Bets Y Coed, will include outdoor activities. Then on Sunday current Youth Forum Chairman Lucy Jeyes from Warwickshire FYFC will step down from the role of leading the group.

We caught up with Lucy to find out how her year has been representing younger members of the Federation.

Q. Why did you want to be a steering group chairman of the group you chose?

A. I believe it’s important that the younger members have their voices and opinions shared, as they aren’t always able to do so. I wanted to lead this group to get more people involved and help with the discussions for the future ideas and plans for NFYFC.

Q. Describe the goal of your group in one sentence?

A. To feed back into the other steering groups with their new projects and ideas.

Q. What has been your biggest challenge in the role?

A. To make sure I am leading the group well so that every member of the group can share their feelings and opinions. It is important that everyone is listened to and that the group moves forward.

Q. What has been your group’s best achievement last year?

A. The Youth Forum went to the British Youth Council (BYC) annual council meeting to share issues facing young people in rural areas. We were very successful with our three motions that are now part of the BYC’s manifesto. These were about bringing agriculture into the classroom, encouraging people to spend more time in the natural world, promoting agriculture and the environment.

It was a big achievement as it meant more people are aware of the issues and now more people are working towards them to make a change.

Q. Would you recommend being a steering group chairman?

A. Yes, it has helped me to be more aware of different issues in agriculture, young farmers and rural youth. It is a chance to give back to YFC and give other people the same opportunities that the organisation has given you. It is a great experience and opportunity that you will never forget.

Q. Have you gained anything personally from being in the role?

A. It has been amazing to lead the group over the past year. It has broadened my horizons and I have learnt new skills around leadership, team work and presenting.

Find out more about the Youth Forum here.


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