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29 January 2020

YFC members from across England and Wales will have the opportunity to lead one of the NFYFC Council’s five steering groups this February.

The groups, which help guide areas of work for the national Federation, will all elect a new chairman and vice chairman during their meetings on Saturday 15 February.

The positions are open to anyone who sits on the steering group and for those interested in being part of the groups, co-option positions are available.

Each group is focused on a different area of work including Agriculture and Rural Issues (AGRI), Competitions, Events and Marketing, Personal Development (which includes training and travel) and the Youth Forum.

Lucy Stowell Chaired the Events and Marketing group in 2019 and says the position has encouraged her to run for a position as Vice Chairman of Council. 

“I have enjoyed being a steering group chairman over the past twelve months and want to give myself a new challenge. It has been an interesting year coming up with new ways to promote the organisation through National Young Farmers’ Week. The group is a great platform to gather feedback from different counties and to help shape the work at a national level.”

Dewi Parry, who is currently NFYFC's Vice Chairman, has also been the Competitions Chairman for the past year and says the experience has been challenging and rewarding because of the passion YFC members have for the competitions.

"Personally I’ve learned so much about such a broad realm of skills," said Dewi. "YFC has members who are truly passionate about their certain speciality, and interacting with them about that passion, whether it’s fencing or dancing or floral art, really shows you just how special YFC is."

There are three steering group meetings every year (February, June and October) and members of the groups are encouraged to support activities and events that they have suggested should happen. 

Each group reports back to Council following their meeting and asks for approval or support on any new ideas they have planned. This is also an opportunity for Council members to ask any questions about activities and their progress.

Youth Fourm Chairman 2019-20 Lucy Jeyes steps down from her role during the Youth Forum Residential weekend in early February and said her year had been amazing.

“I would recommend the role as it has helped me to be more aware of different issues in agriculture, young farmers and rural youth. It is a chance to give back to YFC and give other people the same opportunities that the organisation has given you.

“It has been amazing to lead the group. It has broadened my horizons and I have learnt new skills.”

If you’re interested in getting involved in a role on NFYFC’s Council or standing for a leading position, why not speak to your county chairman about the opportunities? Co-option positions are available, see here


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