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Upcoming competition date: National Competitions Day, Saturday 5th July, 2014

Venue: Staffordshire County Showground

Outline of competition:

Following on from the Drive it Home Campaign, launched by last year’s National Chairman Milly Wastie, this competition was added to the competitions programme to increase awareness of road and vehicle safety.

This competition requires two competitors to be between the ages of 17 and 21 years of age on the 1st September, 2013.

Part One of the competition - both competitors will be asked to answer 25 questions on an individual basis using a laptop with a selection of multi choice questions both at the same time.Competitors will be identified as Competitor A and Competitor B. Once the task has been completed the computer will give a percentage score.Maximum time 20 minutes each.

Part Two of the competition – both competitors will be asked to work as a team to explain the checks that should routinely be carried out to a road vehicle. These will include: coolant level, oil level, tyres/wheels, wipers/washers. lights, braking system, overall vehicle condition and possible faults with the vehicle. Maximum time 5 minutes.

Part Three of the competition – both competitors will be asked to work as a team in a safe manner change the wheel on a vehicle which is provided. Basic tools will be provided (as originally supplied with the vehicle), however competitors may wish to bring their own tools.NOTE THAT THE JUDGE WILL HAVE THE RIGHT TO STOP THE WHEEL CHANGE ACTIVITY IF THEY FEEL IT IS UNSAFE FOR ANY REASON, INCLUDING POTENTIAL DAMAGE TO THE VEHICLE.Maximum time 20 minutes.

Timetable for the day: 
9:00am Stewards briefing
9:30am The following teams to arrive:


The four teams to arrive at 9:30 a.m.

  • Worcestershire                                                                 Gloucestershire
  • Derbyshire                                                                         Lancashire B
  • Lancashire B                                                                      Derbyshire
  • Gloucestershire                                                                 Worcestershire

 The six teams to arrive at 11.30 a.m.

  • Pembrokeshire                                                                 Gwent
  • Berkshire                                                                          Norfolk (withdrawn)
  • Cornwall                                                                           Yorkshire B
  • Gwent                                                                               Pembrokeshire
  • Norfolk (Withdrawn)                                                        Berkshire
  • Yorkshire B                                                                       Cornwall

3:00pm Presentation of awards


Representing the South West Area: Cornwall and Gloucestershire
Representing the South East Area: Berkshire
Representing the Eastern Area: Norfolk
Representing the West Midlands Area: Worcestershire
Representing the East Midlands Area: Derbyshire
Representing the Northern Area: Lancashire B and Yorkshire B
Representing Wales: Gwent and Pembrokeshire

Rules: Drive it Home (17 to 21 years) Rules

How to get there:

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