National Federation of Young Farmers' Clubs

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The National Council is made up of 63 members, associate members and co-options from across England and Wales who are elected by YFC members to represent their views. They are charged with deciding on the overall policy for the federation, continuing the development and leadership of YFCs to meet the needs of its members and developing the status and image of YFC to the outside world.

Through steering groups, the National Council also decide and shape the programme of work at NFYFC - planning events, competitions, campaigns and training for members.

2022/23 council chair and vice chairs

  • Chair of Council

    Ed Dungait

  • Vice Chair of Council

    Rosie Bennett

  • Vice Chair of Council

    Drew Bailey

Steering Groups

What are steering groups?

Elected by YFC members, the five steering groups are charged by the National Council with leading on their specialist areas and to be ambassadors for NFYFC.

What do they do?

The committees provide club members with representation at a national level to form policies, programmes and direction for your YFC organisation in five areas:

Who is on the steering group?

Each steering group is made up of

  • 2 County-nominated NFYFC Council members from each area
  • 3 other members elected for their expertise in each area.
  • One county staff member can also attend.

Each steering group is also supported by an NFYFC staff member who is an expert in that field.

How do I get my voice heard?

The agendas for NFYFC steering groups are discussed across the country at Area and Wales YFC meetings. So if you have something to say on any of the five topics, get in touch with your county chairman or organiser and they will make sure your opinions are heard at a national level.


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