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It’s at club level where we really get to the heart of YFC. This is where you find your best friends, you learn the real meaning of teamwork and you can make a positive difference to your local community.

Club meetings are usually weekly and are organised and run by YFC members themselves. The club elects club officers annually to take responsibility for the club on behalf of its members and organise the activities that members take part in. Weekly meetings can range from talks and trips to preparing for competitions or fundraising for charity.


Every club is affiliated to a County Federation and elects members to represent them at county level. County committees are also supported by county staff who help to organise membership and events.

The club officers have overall responsibility for the Young Farmers’ Club and the activities members take part in. Roles include: chairman, vice chairman, secretary, treasurer, programme secretary and club leaders.

In addition to the club officers, there is a dedicated team of adult volunteers who are elected to help support the Young Farmers’ Club with activities such as fundraising, the activities programme and helping the YFC members develop new skills and opportunities. The efforts of all these people are co-ordinated by the club officers.

All club members are involved in putting ideas forward for the club programme and a nominated few are tasked with the responsibility for organising it. Generally, the Young Farmers’ Club programme is planned seasonally to include a mixture of practical hands-on activities, training and competition practice as well as inviting guest speakers.

Note: Find your nearest club and get involved!


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