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"Moving clubs benefits you and the club you join as you gain new skills"

Name: Shelley Downs, 23 years old

YFC: Joined Bow YFC at 15, moved to Bicester YFC and now a member of Buckland and Brewer YFC  

Job title: Portfolio Executive at Accord Healthcare

Why it’s great to join another YFC:

“I have moved clubs three times so far and each YFC has helped me at a different stage in my life.

I first moved from Bow YFC to Bicester when I was in my final year in Oxford. All my other friends had graduated as I did a placement year, so being able to meet up with people through YFC and go to local events really helped give me a social life.

When I relocated back to Devon, I joined Buckland and Brewer straight away so I could meet new people. The club was really keen to involve me and happy to use my skills and ideas that I had gained from being a member of two other clubs.

Joining a new club is easy and thanks to social media, it’s easy to contact members of the club in advance of turning up on that first night so you have someone to look out for when you first arrive. 

The clubs have all been totally different but all with the same core YFC values – welcoming, caring and compassionate. While sports were massive at Bow YFC, it’s a different story at Buckland and Brewer who prefer competing in the Rally and Public Speaking competitions. 

While the two Devon clubs have members ranging from 13-26, Bicester YFC had junior and senior clubs so I only met up with the senior group and they were much more informal.

Moving clubs benefits you and the club you join as you gain new skills as well as passing on new ideas that could help your new club thrive. It has been a rewarding experience for me as I have tried new competitions that other clubs didn’t take part in, which even took me to the national finals of Cheerleading!”

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