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"My mother blames YFC for the fact I did a drama degree as I loved all the Public Speaking, Pantomime and Drama competitions!"

Name: Katie Baines, 40 years old 

YFC: Ashbourne YFC (12-22), moved to Bicester YFC, then Meopham YFC and now only involved as a parent.

Job title: Assistant Head of Sixth Form college at Blythe Bridge High School and Sixth Form.

Why it’s great to join another YFC:

“When I was 22 I moved to Oxfordshire to be a Field Officer for Senior and Open Clubs in Oxfordshire and for two years I got paid to go to YFC – and loved it!

I helped organise events, ran training, supported clubs who were struggling - anything and everything! I joined Bicester YFC when I was there which was really easy and whilst some people were cautious about an employee also being a member, I found that being open and transparent with everything I did helped the situation. In my second year there I became Vice County Chair as there were a lot of new members, so I helped them prepare for taking on new roles and responsibilities. For a part-time job that was meant to be 17.5 hours a week, Oxfordshire FYFC certainly got its money's worth!

I stayed a member of Bicester YFC when I did my teacher training PGCE at Reading but then moved down to Kent for my first job and joined Meopham YFC. I was now 24 and knew that if I wanted to be a County Chair, I needed to get on with it so I volunteered for everything. I became Sports and Comps Chair in my first year there, then Vice Chair and then County Chair for two years. I met Leigh who was County Chair when I was Vice Chair and we were married three years later.

My mother blames YFC for the fact I did a drama degree as I loved all the Public Speaking, Pantomime and Drama competitions! In fact at my university interview I spent 10 minutes of my 20-minute interview talking about YFC! The lecturer later told me it showed I had passion and enthusiasm and it made me an interesting person.

YFC stood me in great stead for a job in teaching as it helped my enthusiasm, my presentation and the ability to stand up in front of anyone. The organisation has given me so many skills that I've used throughout my life.”

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