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“YFC has had a massive impact on my career."

Name: Kate Mellor

YFC: Bradfield YFC when in membership age. Now part of the advisory for Chichester after a move to Berkshire.  

Job title: Senior Knowledge Exchange Manager at AHDB Pork 

How YFC helped me:

“YFC has had a massive impact on my career. Public Speaking competitions have made me confident at talking in front of large groups, which is a big part of my current job as I have to run lots of farmer meetings and deliver training. Competing in competitions such as Senior Member of the Year also gave me interview experience and confidence when applying for positions.

At AHDB I have to manage a team who are based around the country but I have experience in dealing with this after managing staff remotely through my role as County Chairman. It has also helped me with general staff management issues such as employment processes, appraisals and so on. YFC has also given me experience of chairing meetings, which is another skill I needed in my job at AHDB.

Stockjudging experience has proven useful too, especially in my previous role at AHDB where I was looking at pigs on people's farms. The YFC competition gave me experience of looking at and comparing pigs, but I also knew how to explain those differences.

Thanks to YFC, I am confident at dealing with a wide-range of people and can strike up a conversation with almost anybody! My role at AHDB involves me regularly liaising with farmers and allied industries and I firmly believe that my confidence in managing these relationships is due to the experience I gained with YFC.”

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