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"YFC has helped me immensley with setting up my own business"

Name: Emily Cartmail, 20 years old

YFC: Eccleshall YFC, Club Programme and Press Secretary 

Job title: Own cake business called Iced Gems by Emily and also sous chef at Rise Bespoke Foods

How YFC has helped me:
“YFC has helped me immensely with setting up my own business. After an opportunity to apply for a business start-up loan through Staffordshire FYFC, I received £1,000 in May.

I came up with the idea of a cake business after a member asked if I could make a farm-themed cake for a family birthday, and since then the orders haven't stopped! I have secured a cupcake contract, and made many farm related cakes!

Eccleshall YFC has continued to support me and I am making them a cake for the 60th Anniversary dinner and dance this September.

I have picked up so many skills through being an NFYFC member that are helping with my business. Public Speaking gave me the confidence to give a speech, which helped me in the interview section of my grant application. Reaching the national Cookery competition finals for two years has given me the self-belief that I was good enough to do this as a career if I worked hard. And having support from fellow YFC members has given me a pretty solid client base!”

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