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"Joining another YFC whilst at university was one of the best things I did"

Name: Eleanor Durdy (23)

YFC:  South Axholme YFC in East Riding of Yorkshire and joined Stamfordhham YFC in Northumberland FYFC while at university

Job title: Barrister in law but taking a year out to work on the 3,000 acre family arable farm. 

Why it’s great to join another YFC:

“I always planned to join a YFC when I went away to Northumbria University in Newcastle for four years. I love YFC and I love farming, so joining a new club when I moved away was an easy decision.

Going to YFC once a week gave me an opportunity to mix with some like-minded country people like myself, a chance to get out of the city, and take a break from all the intense university work.

It was strange at first joining another club in another county, but it didn't take long for me to settle in - even though I got very lost going to my first meeting!

Joining two different clubs makes you realise how unique each YFC is throughout the Federation. I have really enjoyed being a member of two clubs simultaneously. I brought new and different ideas to each club and got involved in completely different activities in Northumberland, such as the Pantomime and Public Speaking, than I had in East Riding.

I competed primarily for Northumberland whilst I was a member of two clubs because you can only compete for one YFC. However, I always got really involved with East Riding’s competitions and rally preparations.

I have made some incredible friends in Northumberland and I am in touch with many of them on a regular basis – in fact I am looking forward to going skiing with a bunch of them over New Year!

I have friends for life because of YFC. Joining another YFC whilst at university was one of the best things I did whilst I was there. I would recommend joining another YFC to any young farmer if they have moved away from home for university or a job.”

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