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"Public Speaking has helped me believe in myself and given me confidence" 

Name: Darren Gray   

YFC: Coquetdale YFC in Northumberland (when in membership age)

Job title: County Field Worker for Northumberland FYFC and a Quarry Supervisor for Tarmac at Harden Quarry 

How YFC has helped me:

“Without a doubt YFC has helped me throughout my career. A lot of young farmers (me included) are petrified when someone mentions public speaking. After good training and guidance from older club members I learned to enjoy it and took part in competitions. I then got involved in many county Performing Arts competitions and I even won Actor of the Year one year.

I always recommend Public Speaking to YFC members because I wouldn't have got the Field Worker job without this skill. It has helped me believe in myself and given me the confidence to speak in front of people. During my interview for this role, it helped me to communicate my passion for YFC.

Being a former YFC member obviously helps me with my job as a Field Worker for the County and I think makes me more approachable. I understand the issues clubs and members may have as well as the best way to support them.”

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