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"YFC has given me friends for life and bags of experience that have benefited my career”

Name: Caroline Dawson, 34 years old.

YFC: Joined Cilcain YFC at 21. No longer a member but helps with stewarding and judging several competitions for county and Wales YFC.

Job title: Owns award-winning event catering business 'Fodder in the Field' and Agri and Seafood Development Manager for Menter a Busnes.  

How YFC helped me:

“YFC has given me confidence along with empathy and understanding of rural life. It's played a part in the setting up of my own business too.
I run an award-winning event catering business called Fodder in the Field. I source local and seasonal ingredients and ensure my meat comes from local farms. I've recently launched a series of pop up supper clubs in various rural locations too.

I also work full time as an Agri and Seafood Development Manager for Menter a Busnes, where I support start-up Agri food diversification businesses and manage the Welsh Seafood Cluster.

Even though I was a late-starter to YFC, I learnt a lot of skills that have benefited my career. I was Senior Member of the Year in 2009, which gave me experience of dealing with the press and article writing as I had a monthly column in the local paper and wrote for Farmers Guardian. This has helped in my current roles as I deal with the press regularly.

I went on a YFC Travel trip to Zambia and a Northern Ireland seminar, which have both helped in my understanding of exporting, agriculture, politics and rural culture.
YFC definitely gives you the confidence to speak up and make a good presentation – I have found this very useful when presenting to the Welsh Government! It also equips you with the skills for running and chairing meetings, along with appreciating and understanding roles and democracy. 

Being part of a YFC will also give you a good grounding in event management! I got involved with organising our local YFC bonfire, horse shows and even the Annual Convention. You gain an understanding about insurance, deadlines and the publicity needed to make it a success. Perfect learning ahead of running my own business where I host events!

I loved stockjudging and I had success at both county and Wales levels. I appreciate quality cuts of meat and breed identification, which are things I am proud to promote through my business.

Getting involved in Rally competitions makes you a more rounded person. I had a go at everything from disco dancing to Tug of War. You don’t have to be good at everything – it’s about taking part. 

Most of all, it has given me friends for life and bags of experience that have benefited my career.” 

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