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"I was a member of two clubs when I went to university"

Name: Ashling Tooling, 25 years old.

YFC: Norton & Gaulby YFC, Leicestershire and Cottenham YFC while at university

Job title: Rural Chartered Surveyor with Carter Jonas in Northampton.

Why I moved clubs:

“During my university course, I did a year on placement in Cambridgeshire. I didn’t know anyone in the local area and so joining a local YFC seemed to be the best and easiest way for me to make friends in a new location.

Getting in contact with Cottenham YFC to find out about their meetings was easy and I was welcomed into their friendly club. Although I was only with the club a few months, I had a great time as I met like-minded friends and it meant I wasn’t sat at home twiddling my thumbs every night!  

I kept involved with my old club while I was away and joined back in with them again when my placement had finished. I have competed in a range of competitions for my current club over the years at our County Rally and will continue to do so."

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